Some of the topics we’ll be covering (times may change):


10-10:20a –  Keynote: Leveraging Technology for Your Business, presented by Coach Jenn Lee

Basic Tools

10:30-11:15a – Taxes at Year End, Presented by Dawn Brolin

11:30-12:15a – Online Accounting Solutions, Presented by Stacy Kildal

12:30-1:15p – Website Basics, Presented by Jen Puckett

1:30-2:15p –  Online Payroll Solutions, Presented by Woody Adams

Efficiency Tools:

2:30-3:15p  - How to Service 40+ Clients Easily with No Staff,   Presented by Benjamin Chou

3:30-4:15p –  Reducing Data Entry with Transaction Pro Importer, Presented by John Magno

4:15-4:45p –  UNIDATAIT.COM Power Hour


Collaboration Tools

10-10:20a –  Keynote: Collaboration as a Cornerstone, presented by Author Mike Michalowicz
10:30-11:15a – What is CRM & Why You Should Care, Presented by Val Shabani
11:30-12:15a - Real Growth, Real Control, and Real Advantage, Presented by Christy Ross
12:30-1:15p -  Learn the Secret to Managing Projects and Tracking Time Brilliantly, Presented by Shafat Qazi


POWER HOURS - 30 Minutes with our Partner Presenters for follow up, Q&A & demos

1:30-2:00p – Method CRM
2:00-2:30p – ScanWriter
2:30-3:00p –
3:00-3:30p – Intuit/QuickBooks Online & Payroll Options
3:30-4:00p - BillQuick/
4:00-4:30p - Transaction Pro Importer
4:30-5:00p - Websites with Jen Puckett