Our attendees have a chance to win money to implement what we teach.
Congratulations to the 4 winners of our $500 January 2013 attendee prizes:
Leslie Blalock
Deb Kilsheimer
Cindy Schroeder
Sue Zimmerman


Get Online. Or Get Left Behind.

Yeah. That’s right. The future is here  – regardless of what type of business, if it’s not mobile, it will be left behind. Customers will find the competitor that is more responsive and agile because they’ve embraced the web.

We have some awesome solutions to help you do this, and are presenting this VCon to teach you about them.

Dawn Brolin and Stacy Kildal, both avid users of online solutions, have teamed up to present this Vcon. They realized after speaking to fellow accounting professionals, as well as Small Biz owners about their hesitance to move systems online, that there was a need for a unified message:  regardless of what type of business, it needs to be on the interwebs.


Vcon? The heck?

VCon = Virtual Conference. Who doesn’t love a good training conference? As great as they are, sometimes they’re just not practical. The logistics and cost of arranging travel, being away from the office, yada yada… It’s rough. So we’re bringing the training TO YOU! You don’t even have to shower to attend this training. See? We’re here for you!

What will you learn?

Be one of the first to see Intuit’s new TurboTax CPA Select product that connects taxpayers looking for someone to do their taxes with CPAs. TurboTax CPA Select helps small businesses and consumers get every penny they deserve while, while helping CPAs grow their practice.

Loads of other good stuff – check this list:

How to rock out your website – because potential customers will judge you based on looks. (Sorry, it’s true.)

How to manage your finances & payroll and have access to them from anywhere, any time.

How to make filing your taxes not suck. And for tax preparers, a cool way to find clients that don’t suck.

How to track customers, and why you need to. (You do. You really do.)

How to work bettersmarterfaster and reduce data entry.


Our keynote speakers are Coach Jenn Lee & Author Mike Michalowicz!

Coach Jenn Lee is a small business expert and a source for tips & techniques, empowering Small Biz owners to take control and stay on track in their lives and businesses.

Mike wrote the cult classic book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. His newest book, The Pumpkin Plan has already been called “the next E-myth!”